Are you...

  • ...wanting to set up an online store but don't know where to start?
  • ...a new store owner who needs help to grow your store?
  • ...just starting out and have that deer in the headlights feeling?
  • ...getting overwhelmed by what seems like a constant need to hustle?
  • ...wondering what to do to attract opt ins to your mailing list?
  • ...finding it hard to create newsletters and promotions that people open, read and click?
  • ...struggling with self-confidence and need to invest in yourself?
  • ...feeling like a fraud and suffering from imposter syndrome?
  • ...keen to do some sort of blogger outreach but not sure how to go about it?
  • ...stuck for ideas on what to write on your company blog?

We can help.

Over the past decade, Bambino Goodies has helped hundreds of stores and labels come to life and sell lots of lovely goodies to design-conscious families. After fielding many questions and helping where we could, we're bringing all our knowledge and experience across retail, product design, project management, publishing, social media and branding together in one place.

Our flagship course, So, You Want To Open An Online Shop? covers everything you need to know and do to get your online store going. Opened. Read. Clicked is all about email and will help you grow your email list and create great content. Our Beating Bloggers Blog ebook will inspire you to create inspired content for your blog, and if it's the bloggers you want to connect with, A Short Course on Blogger Outreach (coming soon) is the one for you. Finally, Invest in You is our latest offering which is all about you valuing yourself and will help you ditch those self-limiting beliefs and be inspired.

If you'd like to be the first in the know when we launch new ebooks, courses and free content you need to get involved right now. Just let us know who you are and we'll be in touch soon.

Lu Davies

Lu has over fifteen years' experience as a staffer on glossy magazines, with thirteen of those at Marie Claire. She started coolhunting and writing for Bambino Goodies as a sideline in 2008, while pregnant, and never left. A self-confessed word nerd, she's well versed in using language to sell and market and can spot a misplaced apostrophe from 100 paces.

She lives happily by the sea in Brighton with her husband, Harry, son, Alfie, daughter, Kitty and Peggy the dog. Her favourite things are Evelyn Waugh novels and all things 1930s, insect jewellery, cocktails by the sea, Wes Anderson films and silent disco camping parties.

Claire Archbold

Claire is a project manager and social media strategist by trade. She's worked successfully in the public and private sectors for over 20 years managing projects and has worked with social media since 2009. For the last five years she's been working with independent stores and publishers. Claire owned her own successful online store. She's a pretty good strategist and content creator with a proven track record of making social pay. Claire joined the BG team in 2011 after being an avid reader since the birth of her daughter.

Claire lives by the coast in Southsea with her sailor husband, Phil, daughter, Lola, son, Finn, Rubble the dog and two bunnies - King Fluffy Pants and Kitty. Her favourite things are walking along the beach, photographing people, crafting, creating, festivals and gigs and lazy evenings reading.

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