Every day, thousands of people embark upon the process of bringing a store concept to life. Of those people, only a small portion have truly explored how serious they are. Often we think that because we’ve had the idea, or because we’re excited about, researching, or throwing money at our idea, we’re serious. It’s not that we aren’t, but it’s important to recognise that, unless we’ve really reflected on our decision, from both a personal and professional perspective, the things that we’re not giving a great deal of thought to are the very things that will hog up valuable mental, emotional and even physical resources.

We don’t believe in over-thinking, but we do believe in ensuring that you’re having an ongoing honest conversation with yourself. It’s important to keep checking in with yourself throughout this process and beyond. This is not about questioning your decision in the sense of ‘Are you frickin’ crazy? You shouldn’t be running a store!’, this is about cementing your decision and ensuring that you get on, and stay on, message.

Decision making is something that many people find daunting. They can often come unstuck due to veering between flip-flapping, which doesn’t give decisions a fair chance, and, at the opposite end, sticking with a decision in spite of compelling reasons to change course. Many people also make decisions without consideration of the key information needed.

The How Serious Are You? module is about helping you to understand the decision you’ve made and, in turn, also helping you to identify strengths, motivations and areas you need to explore and focus on. Before you dive fully into the process of bringing your concept to life, getting clarity about the decision you’ve made to be in the retail business is pivotal to ensuring that you’re going in with your eyes and ears open, ready to roll up your sleeves.

Self-aware people have a great deal of self-knowledge and are not afraid to check in with their feelings, explore new information and be aware of their quirks and weaknesses – we all have them, after all. In turn, they’re able to make more solid decisions, because they’re ultimately rooted in their values and are authentic.

We want you to gain self-knowledge and business skills that enable you to have the confidence to identify, execute and refine your vision.

Remember, we’re not talking about making perfect decisions; we want you to be able to make decisions safe in the knowledge that you did it with the best information that you had at the time, not blindly or ignoring key signs.



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