In the right-hand sidebar within a class, you should see ‘Membership Details’. If you click this link and scroll down the page, you can change the following:

Your ‘nickname’. How you want your name to be displayed should you, for instance, leave a comment.

Display name publicly. This allows you to select the ‘nickname’ you have chosen or view alternatives available. Note that you need to change your nickname before it will show up in this list.

Your display name can be Liz Lemon, Beyonce, Superman or whatever. The only time that your ‘display name’ will ever be visible is if you comment.

Please note that your email address is not visible to other students. You do not need to fill in any other contact information.

After logging in the first time, please change your password from the default. We recommend a password with a mix of letters and numbers, possibly using some uppercase characters, too.