We always keep an eye out for effective copy, emails, calls to action and pop-ups and, unsurprisingly, of them all, pop-ups are the hardest to find, especially on indie stores in the UK. There’s a reason for that – people do not value them. Just as we spoke about in Pop-Ups & Incentives, they have got a bit of a bad reputation. But, if you’re not annoying and you have thought them through, they’re a great asset which is why you see the big stores doing them, and doing them well.


Anthropologie Very similar in tone to the one we mentioned in Pop-ups and Incentives from DKNY. Great chatty tone, you know what you are going to get and a clear call to action.



Made.com Slick design, incentivised and although the call to action is nothing to write home about, it is well highlighted.  Note the sense of urgency with the ‘available for a limited time only’. If you want that welcome gift, you need to sign up right now.

My jolie Candle

My Jolie Candle Note how they have embedded their social count to give them credibility and it’s incentivised, too. OK, they forgot to translate the CTA copy, which for non-French speakers, says, ‘Your code will appear here’. They’re asking you to sign up to their newsletter and follow them on their social channels, but they don’t force you to do them all.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 22.50.20

American Vintage Note the extra check box, so you really are confirming you know exactly what you’re signing up for. This one is interesting, because when you click OK it takes you to a screen where it asks for too much information, in our opinion – everything from full name, address, mobile and postcode – most of which is not optional. It puts people off. Go and see. Then check out the one below…

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 22.56.47

Me+Em Very similar in design to the one above but they have kept it really simple. Once you have popped your email in the box and clicked register, you’re done. Making it easy is what makes people sign up.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 22.59.32

Plumo If you fear the pop-up, you will like this one. Instead of it popping up in the middle of the screen, it just pops up from the bottom. Not so in your face, so it’s easier to ignore, but if you’d like to be a little more subtle, it’s the way to go.

Top Tip: Don’t be annoying. Make sure your pop-up isn’t popping up to regularly. Also make sure that you keep an eye on how it’s performing. Changing it every couple of months is a great idea. It allows you to be topical and allows you to undertake some A/B testing until you find the right formula.

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