So, you want to open an online shop?



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Class start date: October 2017

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You’ve got an idea for a store or brand that you’ve been thinking about for ages, but you don’t know where to start.  You don’t have thousands of pounds to hire somebody to do it all for you and you’re anxious about making the right decisions. Hell, you may even feel as if you have a lot to prove, as family or friends are not be taking you seriously.

Your store is up and running, but you’ve lost momentum because you’ve got bogged down in research or stuck on tasks. Which shopping cart should you use? Why can’t you get the pesky images to display correctly? How can you work effectively with a designer or techy person without being screwed over? How the hell do other people do this?

Despite wanting to launch and grow, you’re uncomfortable with sales. SEO, social media, email lists, dealing with suppliers – sometimes you just want to hide under the covers and hope that the sales will materialise. You may be losing your mojo and feeling disheartened.

So, you want to open an online shop? 

Design your brand. Create your site.
Launch and enjoy the process of growing online.

  • We can help you take your idea from concept to launch. You can get started. You can launch.
  • We can advise you on what needs to be done with plenty of guidance on how. You can do this.
  • We can help you sell without losing your soul or your sanity. You’re not alone – lots of people, including us, find ‘selling’ daunting. You can sell.

So, you want to open an online shop? is an eight-week eCourse designed to help you get all your online store ducks in a row whether you need help to get up and running or regain and keep your momentum after launching. It’s jam-packed with practical, actionable and empowering guidance, from coming up with, or tweaking, your concept, to understanding and communicating your brand’s values, via sorting out your website, working with suppliers and designers, copywriting, social media and building confidence so that you can support yourself through the process.

Over the last few years, online retail and the ability to launch your own brand into the marketplace has exploded and evolved. Setting up even the most basic store used to run into several thousand pounds and a whole lot of effort. Thanks to improvements in eCommerce software, now you can be up and trading online in a fraction of the time and budget, enabling wannabe store owners to make their hopes and dreams a reality, with fewer barriers to entry. At the same time, the ways in which products and stores are marketed has also changed dramatically. Not only is there a plethora of means to set up shop online, but there are numerous ways to promote your brand, store, and its products. This can be pretty daunting when you’re starting out.

Understanding what’s involved, grasping the challenges and being prepared for them is pivotal to your success – and we can show you how. We’ve seen hundreds of stores launch and grow, and we know about the frustrations and stresses, but also the joys, of running a store that you and your customers love. While we can’t stop life’s inevitable bumps from happening, we can help you to navigate them with confidence.

We’ve put together classes – text and video – as well as worksheets, checklists and resources to help you get up and running. While So, you want to open an online shop? is an eight-week course, it’s self-study, which means that you go at your own pace and you have a year’s access to the course material.

Course Start Date

October 2017.