We’ve already mentioned that you want to ensure you make your newsletter shareable, by including a ‘forward to a friend’ option. We’ve also said that you should include links to your social sites on your newsletter, but you can also optimise your content for sharing with a few simple tips.

Why is sharing so important?

If people are sharing your content, they’re exposing you to an audience you may not have the reach to connect with. If they’re sharing and people are clicking through, they’ll also be able to opt in to your newsletter (you have made it easy for them to do that, right?) and they’ll get to know you and your brand.

People share content for the following reasons:

  • To entertain others. You see this all the time on Facebook and Twitter.
  • To bring valuable content to others. You’re selling something someone I know has an interest in.
  • To define ourselves to others. If you have a value and I subscribe to that, I am going to share it.
  • To build relationships. I am a blogger who wants to work with you, so I’m going to share your content.
  • To champion brands. I like what you’re doing and want to help you get out there.

20 top tips for creating shareable content

  1. Establish credibility. Be authentic. Creating trust will make people more likely to share.
  2. Keep the message simple. If people don’t know what you’re trying to say, they’re not going to share.
  3. Appeal to positive emotions like inspiration, illumination or amusement.
  4. Embed a sense of urgency. Be timely.
  5. Think about your community – what is it interested in?
  6. Use headlines that are unequivocally human.
  7. Use language that suits the medium you’re sharing on – one size does not fit all. So your Facebook headline shouldn’t be the same as your Twitter copy.
  8. Embed a Pinterest Pin It image on your blog (as well as your product pages). See this how to.
  9. Include social icons at the foot of every post. And test them to make sure they work!
  10. Lists, list and more lists – people love a list!
  11. Keep it classy. People don’t want so share anything embarrassing. If you’re ever not sure whether to post something… do not post it.
  12. How Tos are also a winner, link them to your products.
  13. Be positive – most people like to be the bearer of the good news rather than a ‘Debbie Downer’.
  14. Incentives help. This doesn’t always mean freebies, but if you have a strong Facebook community, why not give your top sharers a shout out?
  15. Competitions. You can make a condition of entry a social share.
  16. Aesthetics. Looks matter. Organising your content so it’s easily scannable will increase engagement.
  17. React fast. When your posts are timely, they feel more authentic and genuine.
  18. Use images. Image use across all platforms equates to more shares statistically.
  19. Use nostalgia. This will create connections amongst customers who share the same emotional reaction, which in turn creates engagement.
  20. Listen. What are people talking about? Get involved but don’t go in with the hard sell. Get the conversation going, then soft sell.

Activity: We have mentioned this before, but it’s sooooo important you get the headline right. That’s why sites like Buzzfeed, Upworthy and Viralnova are the three most viral sites. People click and share. People share without clicking purely based on the headlines. Check out their Twitter feeds and Facebook pages to see what they’re up to. What language are they using? What can you take from these?

Buzzfeed: Website | Facebook | Twitter
Upworthy: Website | Facebook | Twitter
Viralnova: Website | Facebook | Twitter


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